About us

Here at World of Paint With Diamonds we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality and newest diamond art. We are passionate about what we do and want you to have the best experience shopping with us. Our 5D diamond paintings are designed and manufactured at our warehouse where we ensure only the best materials go into each one.


We take pride in providing our customers with an extensive array of carefully selected diamond pieces. In an effort to provide maximum detail, as pictured in originally designed artwork, we work closely with the best designers who use specialized methods to render original artwork into clear, colorful diamond art pieces. Our templates are easy to read, printed in superior quality with corresponding symbols and precisely matched colors for each diamond. This unique process allows for an effortless, simple, and enjoyable experience for diamond art crafters.


No need to stress about diamonds falling off your template. Just Paint With Diamonds uses a privately owned, advanced adhesive formula that was designed with effortless application and longevity in mind. Diamonds won’t lose their place by shifting or falling off, even in extreme temperatures. Additionally, each template comes equipped with a transparent covering that lets you see the entire canvas at any given time. Envision your completed diamond piece as you bring it to life.


VizuArts kits come equipped with a high-quality, weather-resistant, waterproof canvas. Each canvas is cut and hemmed with a specialized technique to ensure a clean, finished, ready to showcase look. Canvases are specially designed with showcasing in mind, so there is no need to worry about smoothing out a canvas after it has been rolled up for some time. The canvas’ heavy-duty material allows for easy release and the prevention of creases.


Have a look around and we hope you like what you see!

If you have any questions please contact us at support@justpaintwithdiamonds.com and one of our team members will get back to you.